Well, You are a Narcoleptic Obsessive Compulsive Hoarder with a severe Gambling Addiction… but don’t worry, we’ve all got issues. Take risks and reap rewards…or fail miserably. Either way, you’ll be laughing so hard it won’t matter what place you’re in (our favorite is 3rd).

What is We’ve Got Issues?

We’ve Got Issues is an easy game to pick up and a hard game to put down, that’s what it is. In this award winning dice and card game, players take turns rolling dice and drawing from a deck of Event and Issue cards. Issue cards modify the way you roll by changing the rules! Having multiple issue cards of the same type increases its severity and changes its gameplay effect. Event cards usually change the shape of the playing field like clearing away cards or adding extra dice rolls.

If you’re a fan of close calls, lucky streaks, and taking a chance on that one extra roll… then this is the game for you.

Why was this made?

Psychological disorders are very real and fundamentally change how people live. We wanted to show that mental health should be taken as seriously as any other ailment, and that people can function and live fulfilling lives while coping with a psychological disorder.

There are any number of valid approaches to the problem we have taken on. As game developers, we chose to create an experience to try and make our point. The simple metaphors of randomness and arbitrarily imposed rules are at the core of the We’ve Got Issues experience.

We wanted to drive home the fact that anyone can manifest a psychological disorder at any time, and that they are coped with, not cured. We want to be the reason for players to Google search issues they haven’t heard of before. We want our players to cheer one another on as they each stare down the odds. People with issues are in dire need of more support from friends and family, and we want them to know that it’s not all seriousness all the time. We sincerely hope our game reflects these values in its design.



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