My name is William Jeffery and I’m Graduate Student at Michigan State University! I am studying Human and Computer Interaction while specializing in Serious Game Design. I also completed my undergrad at MSU, earning a Bachelors Degree in the Media Arts and Technology program with a specialization in Video Game Design and Development.

Currently, I’m a graduate assistant for both the colleges of Communication Arts and Sciences and Kinesiology. I will be a teaching assistant for TC 445 (Game Design and Development) in the Fall 2014 semester as well as an instructor for TC 455 (Game Design and Development II) in the Spring 2015 semester. I am also a game designer and project manager at the Michigan State University GEL Lab (Games for Entertainment and Learning) where I help create video games with meaningful play.

I have been enjoying my involvement in games education more and more with each passing year. While spending time as a Visiting Instructor in MSU’s game design program in 2013, I became directly involved in advancing the program and curriculum. I soon found myself back at Sparty as a graduate student, with the hopes of joining the college as a faculty member in the future.