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William Jeffery

William Jeffery is a current graduate student of Michigan State University in the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, & Media (TISM), studying human computer interaction and serious game design. He completed his undergraduate degree from Michigan State University as well and completed the game design and development specialization. He is a game designer, straddles the roles of student and instructor with ease, and has been an overnight counselor and assistant instructor for the MSU Media Summer Camps–the inspiration for the game! He has plans to continue to make entertainment games, but may be convinced to remain at MSU should its football team continue to win Rosebowl championships. He is die-hard Red Wings fan, and recently discovered how addictive Game of Thrones is to watch.



Amanda Krueger

Amanda Krueger is an Outreach Specialist for the Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, & Media (TISM) at Michigan State University where her primary and favorite responsibility is to manage the department’s MSU Media Summer Camps, which are pre-college programs in game design, 3D animation, website design, filmmaking, and TV production. She hails from Illinois and misses her hometown of Chicago, but believes East Lansing is also a fairly windy city. She loves technology, but recently discovered the joys of making games. While her degrees are in music and education, she hasn’t ruled out a third career in game design.


Campus Connection was developed as part of Michigan State University Department of Telecommunication, Information Studies, and Media course TC 830: Foundations of Serious Game Design, taught by Professor Carrie Heeter, spring 2014.