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General Information

Play Campus Connection


Campus Connection was designed so that you could download and print all of the game pieces from home! Also, be sure to check out the gameplay video above!


Download a Printable Copy of the Rules – Campus Connection Rules

Game Setup

  1. First choose a dealer, have them look through the deck of green MSU campus cards with facts on the back!
  2. Look at the Gameplay Key below to determine how many MSU campus cards you will need.
  3. Choose the correct amount of green MSU campus cards and shuffle them.
  4. Place the Campus Connection game boards in a straight horizontal line on your play surface.
  5. You will be using 3-4 of the game boards depending on how many players you have. The game boards can be placed in any order.
  6. Place the green MSU campus cards on the Game Boards, you should place up to 3 cards on each board. This determines the sequence of cards you will need to collect when playing the game.
  7. Look through the deck of white MSU campus cards and take out all 5 of each campus card used in the sequence.
  8. Shuffle the deck of white MSU campus cards thoroughly and deal all of the cards out evenly to the players. Each player should have 10 cards.


Gameplay Key

4 players – 8 MSU campus cards

5 players – 10 MSU campus cards

6 players – 10 MSU campus cards

* The deck includes 20 Campus cards, swap out sets between rounds to get to know other parts of campus!

How to Win

  1. Players must collect a sequence of two MSU campus cards (cards that are next to eachother on the game boards). They must collect all 5 of each card in the sequence, 10 MSU campus cards total.
  2. The first player to collect a complete sequence and yell “Go Green!” is the winner!
  3. Campus Connection is a fast-paced social game, where the more rounds you play, the more you get to know special places at MSU!

Playing the Game

  1. When the round starts, players must negotiate with eachother to trade an equal number of cards in their hands.
  2. Players are not allowed to ask for specific types of cards, only specific number amounts. For example, players that both shout “Two cards! Two cards!” will then trade two cards with eachother.
  3. Any amount of cards can be traded, up to 10 cards (a full hand).
  4. Continue trading with other players until you have completed a full sequence of MSU campus cards. The sequences are determined by the game board, cards that are next to eachother (on the left or right of a card) determine a sequence.
  5. The first person to collect a complete sequence and yell “Go Green!” is the winner!

Length of Play

  • The game only takes a few minutes to play, no more than 5 minutes per round so play a little or a lot!
  • The deck includes extra campus cards, so feel free to swap out a few sets when you’re ready to play more of the campus.


Gameplay Variations

No Sequences: try playing without any sequences. Players must only collect 2 sets of any 5 campus cards!

Advanced Play (with an alternate board)! Print the following campus map. Play with all cards (divided equally among players) and collect all cards 5 cards in any of the following sequences:

1. One MSU building in each quadrant of campus (5 buildings total)
2. All buildings in one quadrant of campus (5 buildings total)


Printing Instructions

Download the Campus Connection Cards – Print Sheet – PDF

  1. Print out the entire PDF document above, use Long-Edge Binding to print on both sides.
  2. Cut out all of the individual cards, use a paper cutter to save time!
  3. There are 20 different campus cards total, 5 in each set, and one special card for the dealer. (It’s easy to spot because it is a different color than the players’ set, and the dealer’s cards have additional MSU facts on the reverse side.)


Download the Campus Connection Game Boards – Board Images – ZIP

Alternate Game Board (Campus Map – PDF)

  1. After downloading the Game Boards, print one copy of each!
  2. No cutting needed, just lay the boards down on your play surface in a horizontal line.
  3. The boards can be placed in any order!