Safety not Guaranteed.

Change of Plans!

I haven’t posted on here in quite a while…. I had planned on updating this blog at least once a month after graduation. But then again, I had plenty of different plans back then. I had planned on finding a job in the gaming industry, planned on moving out of Michigan, planned on settling down somewhere with a new career and a fresh start.

Welp. Sometimes plans change. You don’t always have control over what happens in your life; sometimes you have to just go with the flow.

But for me, going with the flow has been a bit difficult. I like to have things in order. Organized. I like to have a game-plan and stick to it. But sometimes… monkey wrenches are thrown. Meddling kids and a dumb dog come along. Servers crash. Shit happens.

But change can be good right?

It certainly can. Just doesn’t always appear that way from the start.



So after multiple revisions and far too much time spent deliberating and articulating, I decided to give a tl;dr (look it up) version of the story.

Change of plans. I’m back at Michigan State University! For Grad School. Surprise!

I’m surrounded by good friends, family, and a fantastic faculty here at Sparty. They’ve been incredibly supportive of my new adventure here, without them I wouldn’t even have this opportunity to return to MSU.

I’ll be sure to detail some of these new adventures in the upcoming months, as I’m a part of quite a few interesting projects.