We’ve Got Issues!

A Not-So-Serious, Serious Game!


General Information:

Genre: Serious Dice / Card Game

Topic: Psychological Disorders

Project Length: August 2013 – Present

Course: TC 839 – Implementing Interactivity

Team Size: 3

Game Features:

Quick-to-Learn and Easy-to-Play!

– A Not-So-Serious, Serious Game

– 18 Event and Disorder Cards

– Only Requires Dice and WGI Cards to Play!

– Unique Hand-Drawn Art

We’ve Got Issues

…is a Serious Game designed and created by 3 Graduate Students in the Serious Games specialization at Michigan State University. In this Dice and Card game, players draw from a collection of Disorder and Event cards which alter how individual turns are played out. For more information about how to play, check out the Rules PDF! 

(The 2-page Rules PDF may not display properly in some browsers, please Right-Click and Save-As the file.)

By taking a “Not-So-Serious” approach, We’ve Got Issues promotes a light atmosphere filled with laughs, excitement, frustration and conversation about dealing with Psychological Disorders. Check out the links on the right or the gallery at the bottom of the page to see the cards!

State of the Game

After a year and a half of development, we feel that We’ve Got Issues has entered into it’s “Late Beta” phase. We are currently working with printers to create sets of high-quality of cards, boxes and rule booklets that will soon be available for public purchase. Our goal is to start taking orders and shipping the game in mid-October, 2014

Why did we make it?

We wanted to dispel two ideas:  the first is that mental health is not to be taken as seriously as any other ailment.  The second is that a person cannot function or live a normal life while having a psychological disorder.  Psychological disorders are very real, and they fundamentally change how people live.

There are any number of valid approaches to the problem we have taken on.  As game developers, we chose to create an experience to try and make our point.  The simple metaphors of randomness and arbitrarily imposed rules is at the core of the We’ve Got Issues experience.

We wanted to drive home the fact that anyone can manifest a psychological disorder at any time, and that they are coped with, not cured.  We want to be the reason for google searches and players cheering one another on as they each stare down the odds.  People with issues are in dire need of more support from friends and family, and we want them to know that it’s not all seriousness all the time.  We sincerely hope our game reflects these values in its design.