Moxy Danger

Maid for Revenge


General Information:

Genre: Bullet Hell

Project Completion: December 2013

Platform:  Windows / MAC

Project Length: August – December 2013

Role: Lead Designer / Project Manager

Team Size: 6

Game Features:

– Fast Paced Bullet Hell Action

– Destructive Power-ups

– Explosions, Lasers, and Chaos!

– 3 Levels

– Stylized Hand-Drawn Art



Moxy Danger: Maid for Revenge is a video game I helped create for the TC 497 – Game Design Studio course at Michigan State University in the Winter of 2013. I was the Lead Designer and Project Manager on a team of six, where the development lasted about 16 weeks. This was my first game design project as a graduate student at MSU, it was a unique experience to say the least!

Moxy took a whole bunch of interesting twists and turns along the way… and actually started out as a Beat ‘Em Up! A little over halfway-through the development cycle we decided that our original concept was not going to work, so we changed our course straight into Bullet Hell. Fortunately we were able to right the ship and created an awesome, face pasted, chaotic adventure!

We plan on continuing to develop Moxy Danger over the next year, with the goal of hitting some of our original design milestones (Bossfights, More Powerups, Extra Levels). In the meantime, get your hands on a copy by checking out the downloads to the right of this page!

In this fast paced Bullet Hell, Moxy neutralizes her foes in style. Collect the souls of your fallen enemies to power-up and unleash ultimate destruction! Each soul features a unique playstyle, allowing you to personalize your chaos.

Life in the city can get pretty dirty, but for Moxy Danger… revenge has never been so clean.

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(version 1.2)